So my friend Tanya asked me to make one of these, so I did. Go say hi to her. :]

I didn’t really know what I should write about in this because I already frequent messageboards, and so I talk a LOT there, and I have a myspace. I also have an LJ that I never use lol in addition to a account that I keep meaning to use but never get around to. In short, I’m lazy and say I’m going to use something but I never do. Hopefully I won’t be like that this time, though. -knock on wood-

I guess I’ll be using this blog to write about manga and anime I’ve been reading, while occasionally talking about music as well. Music is one of my biggest passions … but I talk about that a lot elsewhere so I think I’ll concentrate on anime and manga here. New ones I watch, ones I like and don’t like, summaries, etc….

I’m still a relatively new fan of all of this. I’ve liked anime for a couple of years, maybe two or three, and manga for around two years. I try new series whenever I can find the time which hasn’t been too often in the past but I’m trying to make more time for the things I love. ^_^ If you have any recommendations for series I should read or watch, please comment and tell me. I’m mostly into shoujo but I also like some sci-fi, horror, etc.


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